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 Wishes / comments received from my well-wishers

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Dr A Singarayar

Dear Sir,
I am shocked to read the mail and yet to recover from it. I feel upset and pain as well when I learn that you have submitted your resignation letter. You are an integral part of Sankara Nethralaya.I can not think of Sankara Nethralaya without Mr Mahalingam,A.
Your positive and significant contributions to SN in general and TSNA in particular are highly commendable. Your ceaseless efforts for affiliations with many universities show your loyalty, commitment and dedication to SN &TSNA. More than these institutions I shall certainly miss you.
My request is this: please reconsider your decision.
Thanks and regards,


Dr T S Surendran
Vice Chairman & Director – Dept of Paediatric Ophthalmology
Sankara Nethralaya

Shri Mahalingam’s resignation from our service came as a rude shock and unpleasant surprise to me, I know quite well that he is not a man who would act on an impulse and I trust that he has decided to take the step after due diligence and deliberations; I strongly believe that every man is the master of his own destiny and would not question the logic or wisdom of his act.

However on a personal note it would be hard to comprehend that the vibrant young man whom we fondly called ‘Mahali’ would not be a part of Sankara Nethralaya soon, he was a man of all seasons and all reasons, readily accessible and ever so willing to extend a helping hand with a smile to the new recruit, a student or to a member of the board. He had over the years become inseparable from the institution he served and would be missed by one and all.

Mahalingam’s sincerity, dedication and ready grasp made him a quick learner and he improvised, improved, trained his team and left his stamp in every department that he served. He had over the years become Sankara Nethralaya’s bridge with the outside world, be it the media, heads of universities or other authorities and was also a bridge to the outside world with Sankara Nethralaya, consisting of eminent personalities like late APJ Abdul Kalam to a student wanting to know more about a particular course. His working hours were not dictated by the clock and the mails and calls we would receive from him late in the night or in the wee hours of the morning would make me wonder if he had anything other than our institution in his mind.

While there are many ‘achievers’ who would put that extra effort in their jobs with an eye on the next promotion or salary hike, Mahalingam’s sincerity to his job was more deep rooted and came from a natural attachment to his institution and deep commitment to its growth and that made all the difference between him and other achievers.

Being at the helm of affairs of a new educational institution was a great challenge and he did a commendable job of making the Sankara Nethralaya Academy a great success in terms of faculty, curriculum, affiliations, student enrolment, press coverage etc. On the personal side i have been highly impressed by his respect and regard for his teachers who taught him in school and his reverential interaction with them that continues to this day.

In conclusion I would say that he entered our premises as a ‘student’ from a humble background, displayed extraordinary commitment and skills at everything he did and today he exits as a ‘Master’ of every facet of Medicare dispensing and academics. He contributed to the growth of the institution and grew along with it, qualifying himself and equipping himself with better skills every day. We would miss, him both professionally and as a warm, affable down to earth   person who could be relied upon in any situation.
I wish him the very best in his professional and personal life and pray that he reaches glorious heights in his career.


Mr Homi Bhabha


Dear Mr Mahalingam
Thank you for your message and I am sorry to learn that Sankara Nethralaya will be losing your services. I have known of all the great work that you have put in to the Academy from its inception for which I am grateful to you
All good wishes to you and your family and I am sure that you will be a credit to the institution that you are joining
Thank you once again and best regards
Homi Bhabha


H 112/11, 18th Cross Street,
Besant Nagar,
Chennai 6000 90
email: ramkanmani@gmail.com
Mobile: 98400 23411

I am very fortunate to have known Mr. A. Mahalingam through my association with The Sankara Nethralaya Academy for the last three years as one of the many visiting faculty members.

Ever since my first meeting with him, I have developed a great admiration for his width of knowledge, profound experience in the Health  Care Delivery domain, passion for excellence in whatever he does and the easy affability.

It is difficult not to get drawn to his sterling personal qualities, commitment to work, the quality and ease seen in his written communications and his ever-smiling countenance.

Any organization or health care institution should be lucky to have Mr. Mahalingam as a key executive in the set up. The organization is bound to benifit from his consistently measurable and qualitative contribution.

I have immense pleasure in wishing him all the success in his endeavours and a glorious future.


Ms Shobha Jothi


Good evening Sir
It is both a shock and surprise to hear that u r leaving this great institution!! 
Whatever the compulsion, I'm sure; it must be in your best interest. If u doesn’t mind pl let me know where u will be joining so I can continue to be in touch - you are a wonderful and valuable association for me. 
I'm not sure if u wants my testimonial to ur professional excellence - but I'm always happy to assist you in any writing/content development work even in ur future workplace. 
Here's my sincere wishes for all success in your new venture and I hv no doubt that you will be a great asset to ur new organisation. 
Congratulations and best wishes Sir 


Mr S R Gandhi

Dear Mahali Sir,
It really is painful for person who is close to silver jubilee, having to leave an organisation like, sn repute, to have a great heart to leave.

With my experience of 27 years in sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals, it was humane of you to enrol me in your academy for the certificate course and showing us what health care management is.

Your decision to leave sn, will be missed by many in sn,and to people like me who we know only for a few months.
This shows a personality of human resources who would like to with with you forever.
As a person who I know, you have the ability to mould people to work with you to his potential, in any field whom you would want to.

To run a organisation of healthcare, a person of your ability will be lucky to have your experience and vigour, and the organisation will be proud to have you forever.
I wish you all the best in your career.
Mr S R Gamdhi


Former Vice Chancellor
Anna University, Chennai

Dear Mahalingam,
I am pleased to note that you are elevated on your personal front.
My hearty greetings to you.
You can bank on me and my name for any kind of support you wish to have.
I can put you to me friends in Dubai Saudi Arabia for marketing in the beginning.
We may also plan a Medical Tourism which will benefit your Hospital yourself and the people who gets benefited.

My best wishes for a happy and prosperous future . I will support you.
With warm regards,
Yours Sincerely,


Fr Principal, Loyola College

Dear Dr Mahalingam
Greetings from Fr Principal, Loyola College
Thank you very much for the information of your new assignment. May God bless you and give you abundant grace to be fruitful in your service. with kind regards Fr Principal


Dr R Palaniyandi - IAS

Dear Mahalingam.
Whatever task you undertake, you will do it admirably. Best wishes.
Dr R Palaniyandi - IAS


Ms Saradha

Dear Maha
Hearty Congratulations!! Is there any vacancy regarding library, shall I mail to you? Congratulations! and Happy grown up!!
S.Saradha, Librarian


John Punnoose

Dear Shri Mahalingam, Pleasantly surprised to see the contents of the mail . Which hospital are you joining? Wishing you the very best in your new career


Mrs Lallu Joseph
CMC Vellore

Dear Mr Mahali , Congrats and best wishes


Dr Govindasamy Kumaramanickavel

Dear Mahalingam Good luck to you – Dr Kumar


Shri R D Thulsi

Dear Mr Mahalingam
wish you the very best. Do keep in touch.
 With Warm Regards, Thulsi


Dr Navin Jayakumar

Dear Mahalingam,
My best wishes always for your success in life.
Warm regards - NJK


Ms  Lizy Rayapen

Dear Mr Mahalingam,
Thanks for sharing these good news with us! You are what we can call a faithful friend from the first time we met in 2006.May God bless you in your future career and projects! Keep us posted as you usually do.
Best regards, Mr and Mrs Patrick / Lizy Rayapen


V Ramesh
Manager HR & Admin.
Thirumalai Mission Hospital, Ranipet

Dear Mr Mahalingam
My Heartiest Congratulation to you for this new position.  Having rich
experience and great things gathered in your previous establishment I hope you will definitely succeed this new task.
Please feel free to contact me for any assistance that needed for your new
task, at any time. Best Regards - V Ramesh


Ms Pushpa Narayanan – Times of India

All the very best. Please stay in touch


Mr Selvanathan – Malaysia

Opportunity only knocks once at your door way so Just grab it Have faith it can move mountains, Good Luck


Ms Ramya Kannan
City Editor – The HINDU

Dear Mr Mahalingam, Sir. Congratulations and good luck!


Mr U Amalraj

Dear Mahali Sir, My heartiest congratulation. Your Aura is so good , you will win hearts – Amalraj


Mrs Sharmila Chandrasekar

All the best for your bright future Sir. Where r u joining Sir?
Regards,   Sharmila Chandrasekar.


Sabarrish Srinivasan

Wonderful sir.. wish you all the very best and hope to see u soon


Awarded The Padma Shri by the President of India
Chairman and Managing Director - Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital Pvt.Ltd.
Dean,Aditya Jyot Institute Of Vision Science & Research
Editor:Indian Journal Ophthalmology(IJO)
Specialized in Vitreous, Retina & Macular Surgery
Managing Trustee, Aditya Jyot Foundation For Twinkling Little Eyes(Not For Profit NGO)
Fellow :All India Collegium Of Ophthalmology (FAICO)-Retina
Prof. of Ophthalmology, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
National Board of Examination, New Delhi
Visiting Prof. The Tamil Nadu MGR Medical University, Ramchandra University

Dear Mahalingam, Congrats & All the best
Keep in touch always, You had done excellent and dedicated services


Mr Margabandu

Dear Sir,
It is a mixed feeling, on one side you move ahead on your career growth and at the same time you are moving out of SN. 
My best wishes and congratulations to your future endeavours. 



Congratulations Sir...All the best for your new endeavour 
With Warm regards, 


Dr praveen kumar

Respected sir
I really appreciate Mr. Mahalingam especially for his good and never ending updating of information and communicating to the people. I have been served Shankara nethralaya nursing college as a visiting faculty from the day one I constantly receive mails on each and every event without fail, even though I stopped from the institution till today I am getting mail on every event and growth of SN.
I wish God bless you in everything you do.
Dr praveen kumar


Prateep Vyas :MS (Ophthalmology)
Medical Director
Centre for Sight
Hon General Secretary
Glaucoma Society of India
Vice President
Indore Divisional Ophthalmological Society
Founder Medical Director(Formerly)
Shri Ganapati Netralaya :Jalna(MH)
& Choithram Netralaya :Indore
Ex Fellow Comprehensive Ophthalmology
L V Prasad Eye Institute :Hyderabad

Best wishes Mahali for your new endeavor
Regards - Prateep Vyas


Dr. A. Jayamuruga Pandian
Head of the Department
Principal Scientist & Associate Professor
SN ONGC Dept. of Genetics and Molecular Biology
Vision Research Foundation
41, College Road, Nungambakkam
Chennai - 600006, India

Dear Mr.Mahalingam: 

At the outset, best wishes for your career leap. After your move, there would certainly be a vacuum created in SN and all our hearts which is irreplaceable. 

I am sure that you would reach more heights further.


Dr. S. Krishnakumar, MBBS, MD Pathology,
Pathologist, HOD of  L&T Ophthalmic Pathology Department,
and Deputy Director, Vision Research Foundation
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Tel: 91-44-28271616 ext 1302; Fax: 91-44-28254180
Cell: 9840167482
Alternative email: drkrishnakumar_2000@yahoo.com

Dear Mahalingam
Good wishes and God Bless you



Dear Mahalingam,
While it is a great loss to SN, since you are getting opportunity to shoulder greater opportunities with higher compensation, you have taken a right decision. You have done your best in SN. mu best wishes to your. With your competence and professional commitment. I am sure you will succeed in your new role.
all the best.



Dear Sir,

Wishing you all the very best for a bright future ahead!



Susila Girisan
Deputy General Manager
Finance Department
Sankara Nethralaya
(A Unit of Medical Research Foundation)
18, College Road,
Chennai 600 006
Phone : 044 42271805

Dear Mr Mahalingam,
Really surprise to hear from you.  I thought am hearing rumors when it came to my ears 2 days back. 
I understand after 24 years really coming to this decision is very tough.  Anyhow, you have taken this decision for your personal development.  All the best for your career growth.   
With regards

Susila Girisan


Dr. Manish Panday

Dear Mahalingam, 
As far as I know you for the past 8 years, you have been an asset for the institution. 
I know you have to take these decisions sometime in life. 
Anyhow, since you are in Chennai, you can be associated with all of us in some way or other.
Kind regards and best wishes for the future


Mr B G Menon

Dear Mr Mahalingam,
 Happy to see your mail with news of your career change. I understand from Mr Ramakrishnan you are leaving for a definitely much better prospect with your new Hospital. Wish you all the best.
 I take this opportunity of thanking you for all your support for the successful joint conduct of the Certificate Course on Healthcare Quality. It is your personal drive that made the program a success.
 Please keep in touch.
 Warm regards
 B G Menon



Dear Mahalingam sir,
Good evening.
I find it extremely difficult to absorb and reconcile with the contents of your mail. I am just not able to conceive of  TSNA as an institution without you . Our association has not been for long but the kind of positive impact you haVE made on me has been unique and I have learned a lot of life skills from you.
I am sure every one associated with you at SN/TSNA as an entity, will miss you personally and professionally. It is going to be now a massive gain for the Hospital group where you are joining as Administration & Academic Head. Your passion, commitment, experience, strong work ethic and bonding with people would catapult you to greater heights in your career.
My hearty good wishes and blessings,



Good luck Mahalingam!
All..........  the best!
Please stay in touch over email with me and DR TVS!
God bless you and your family!


Dr.P.Mahesh Shanmugam, DO, FRCSEd, PhD, FAICO(VR)
Head, Vitreoretinal & Ocular Oncology Services, Sankara Eye Hospitals, India

 Dear Mahalingam,
All the very best for a bright future. Are you not joining Sankara?
warm regards


Suresh Dalapathy


Hi Maha
Difficult decision indeed.
Where are you going and doing what?
Let us talk next weekend or so.
Thanks & Regards,
Suresh Dalapathy


Vineet and Dhanashree 

Dear Mahalingam,
Many congratulations and wish to u the very best in your new assignment.
We are in Kenya on a conference and shall talk to you on our return 
Warm regards 
Vineet and Dhanashree 


Dr Muna

Dear Mahalingam
 Wish you all the best


Awarded Padma Shri by President Of India
Chairman & MD, Vitreo Retinal Surgeon, 
Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, India
Editor, Indian Journal of Ophthalmology

Dear Mahalingam, 

I like to talk to you. 


Chairman & Chief of Diabetologist,
Dr.Mohanís Diabetes Specialities Centre,

Dear Mr. Mahalingam,
 Thank you for sending this emotional letter.  I wish you all the very best.
 With regards,


Nalini Ravindran

Dear Mr. Mahalingam,

I wish you lots of success and growth in your new role.

Sure,  SN Academy will miss you and wherever you finally decide to be, your zeal, zest and positive endevour in promoting the Institution and its activities will be a great asset.

All the best once again,

Nalini Ravindran.


Dr. Meenakshi Swaminathan
Director Academics
Senior Consultant, Pediatric Ophthalmology
Sankara Nethralaya,Chennai, India

Ennappa idhu. Edhir paarkave illa. SN is not fortunate to retain talent. I am frankly shattered. Please revise your decision. You are invaluable to our organization
please meet me and discuss and difficulties. I will do my best to help


Dr Gopal and Dr Vijaya 


Dear Mr Mahalingam,
Wish u the very best for ur future.
Gopal and Vijaya 


CV Krishnan

Dear Shri Mahalingam, Wish you all the best in your future endeavours. - CVK


Dr.Soundararajan P P

Dear Mahalingam,
I have known you since 1986.
I have seen you rise from the bottom of the ladder to be a sought after academician and able administrator by sheer hardwork, sincerity and loyalty.
You will achieve greater height and I wish you all the best in your new endeavor!
May God bless you!
Dr.Soundararajan P P.


Dr M Krishnan

 Dear Mahalingam , I am  delighted to  know that you  are further
enhancing  your  career. It  is  only  natural  that you  want  go up
yhe ladder  in your  career. But  i am  sure  Dr. SSB will be  sad to
see you  go.! Do  let  me  know which hospital  you  are  joining. My
best  wishes are  always  there and  good  luck  to you. Warm
regards. Krishnan


kishore kumar
Administrative officer
Tidel Park Road
Chennai  600 113.

Dear Sir,

Good morning, 
I am very glad and i heartily congratulate for this.

My heartiest wishes and regards to achieve all the crowns in the feature in this portfolio.

U can remember me at any juncture were you feel I am suitable and useful.
Will be happy to help you at any step.


Dr R Uma Shankar

Dear Mahalingam,

It is really a surprise rather shocking to hear such news because I cant imagine SN academy without you!
 However everyone has their priorities and commitment to their own families and one has to move forward to fufill that.
 You will rock wherever you go and prosper that place.
 I have plans of starting a school of optometry and paramedical sciences in Dubai which has a got huge scope and I may do that soon. I will need you then if you are interested.
 Till then, wish you all the best for your successful future!!


Dr Muruganandham K,
Head &Senior consultant, 
Urology and Renal transplantation,
Global Health City,

Dear sir,
I had interacted with you during the course on "Healthcare  quality management" conducted by SN  axademy..I found you are very focused and committed to the job you are doing and doing the duty with sense of pride and passion. As you are having basic qualities to excel..I am sure you will achieve great heights where ever you take the responsibility..

Dr Muruganandham K,
Head &Senior consultant, 
Urology and Renal transplantation,
Global Health City,


Managar Electrical
Safety Officer
Medical Research Foundation,
18,college Road,Chennai-6
Off .no.044 42271603/ Extn:1603

Dear sir,
 I wish you & congratulation from my bottom of the heart. The Lord of God blessed you. All the best.

With Regards

Managar Electrical
Safety Officer
Medical Research Foundation,
18,college Road,Chennai-6
Off .no.044 42271603/ Extn:1603




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